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Modest Clothes for the Modern Woman

21 Feb '17

London's first Modest Fashion Week

Posted by JustLongShirts Staff in Modest Fashion

London Modest Fashion Week catwalk (MEE/Adam Omar)

Fashion designers and bloggers from around the world gathered at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea for London's first Modest Fashion Week.  The two-day event was filled with excitement as modest wear hit the runway.

More than 40 designers were featured at London's Modest Fashion week; they showcased maxi dresses, loose clothing, hijabs and formal wear.  

Women who wear modest fashion whether for personal taste or religious beliefs were elated to see outfits they could wear on a mainstream stage.  Hijabi fashion blogger Dina Tokio told Blogoshere magazine 'I want to show that you can coincide faith with fashion and that there are Muslim women who actually represent that.'  Tokio is well known on Instagram for showcasing how she incorporates modern fashionable style while wearing hijab.

On Twitter members of the Muslim Community praised the show for being revolutionary.  All fashion fans present as well as the JustLongShirts team look forward to London's second Modest Fashion Week!

 Photo credit: London Modest Fashion Week catwalk (MEE/Adam Omar)


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